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En/Disable Filtering

To enable or cancel your filtered service, please call WCOIL at 419-229-2645 or 1-888-229-2645. If you have questions concerning filtered service, please call WCOIL or send e-mail to

Filtered Service is a new feature WCOIL is proud to offer. This service will block offensive, pornographic, and violent web sites. Currently, there are over 250,000 sites blocked and hundreds more being added daily. Filtered Service, is just $3.95 a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is filtered service?
A. In its most general sense, it is preventing access to certain addresses on the Internet. Filtered service with WCOIL will prevent access to sexually explicit pornographic sites. This is an additional service that is being offered for those parents and organizations that want to prevent access to these sites.

Q. Is this filtered service better than programs such as Net Nanny, Cyber patrol etc.?
A. Yes, it is. Because our service is physically at our facility and is constantly being updated daily, it is the most up to date filtering service available. Programs that you purchase and install on your own computer, are already out of date when you install the software. It is estimated that between 300 - 500 adult oriented sites are added everyday!

Q. Is it possible for WCOIL to block all sites?
A. Unfortunately no. Although we currently have over 250,000 sites blocked and add several hundred sites everyday, we can't guarantee 100% blockage. In several tests, we have demonstrated a successful block rate of over 96%.

Q. What if I find a site that I think should be blocked?
A. Let us know exactly what the address is by e-mail and we will have it blocked within 24 hours. Send the e-mail to WCOIL at

Q. How much does the service cost?
A. The cost is a very affordable $3.95 per calendar month.

Q. How do I get billed?
A. Along with your monthly Internet service, you will see an itemized charge of $3.95 for the filtered service.

Q. Can I cancel at any time?
A. Yes, Please call technical support at 419.229.2645 or 888.229.2645.