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Residential Services:

Dialup Usage only $19.95 per month.
WCOIL Express ADSL Service

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Dialup Usage only $19.95 per month.

Download files directly to your computer, explore the World Wide Web using Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer or other graphical browsers, and much more. TCP/IP Software (provided) on your computer is the only requirement.

All accounts include 10 MB of Homepage and E-mail storage space. Up to 4 additional FREE email-only accounts are available.

WCOIL Express ADSL Service

A broadband service based on Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology. DSL is a highspeed Internet connection over your existing telephone line.
Some of the features of DSL are:
Speeds up to 50 times the speed of your existing dialup connection are available
The ability to talk on the telephone at the same time your on the Internet(no second phone line needed). An always-on connection (no need to dial into WCOIL to get on the Internet. And many other features.

The price for basic residential service is now $25.95 per month.

This service is available in the following service areas: Lima, Elida, Shawnee, Ada, Van Wert, Napoleon, Sidney, Bellefontaine, Marysville, Alger, Dunkirk, Bluffton and Defiance. Other areas will follow in the coming months.